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I was forced to return home and take care of my family’s ranch after the death of my parents. I left everything behind, including the one woman I made promises to . . . Ryland O’Hare. 

When the farm goes under, all I did was run away from my failures with a duffle bag, and a one way ticket to anywhere. Who would have thought I would bump into Ryland again and in Switzerland, out of all places? 

I never stopped loving Ryland and hated myself for leaving her in the first place. We reminisced and rekindled our love. Then I received shocking news that changed the course of my life. And once again, I leave Ryland with more broken promises.

After years of no contact, I run into Ryland again. I know her all too well. She wants to punch me in the throat, which I deserve.

She acts like she hates me, but I know she still loves me. But one look at my six year old daughter, Ryland does the math and assumes this is why I vanished. This time, I made another promise and I intend to keep it.

What I did was unforgivable.

What she did was even worse.

And nothing could have prepared us for what came next.

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This book had all the feels. It’s an emotional roller coaster that I absolutely adored! Romance, long lost love, angst, heartbreak, unanswered questions and twists you won’t see until they hit you in the face. Rylie was sassy, smart, and beautiful with a heart of gold but that heart. Jacob never forgot Rylie and never stopped loving her. ~Lainey DaSilva