Till I Found You - Michelle Fernandaz -
Till I Kissed You - Michelle Fernandaz E
Till I Promised You- Michelle Fernandaz
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Coming July 27th
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Jacob Thorton was forced to return home and take care of his family’s ranch after his parents’ death. He left everything behind, including the one woman he made promises to. Ryland O’Hare.


When the farm goes under, he runs away from his failures, with a duffle bag, and a one way ticket to anywhere. Who would have thought Jacob would bump into Ryland in Switzerland?


He never stopped loving her and hated himself for leaving Ryland in the first place. Then he received shocking news that changed the course of his life. And once again, he left Ryland with more broken promises.


After years of no contact, Ryland runs into Jacob. Her first instinct is to punch him in the throat. She loves him and hates him just as much. But one look at Jacob’s six year old daughter, Ryland does the math, and assumes this is why he vanished.


What he did was unforgivable.

What she did was even worse.

And nothing could have prepared them for what came next.

Till I Promised You - 3D - TRANSPARENT.p

This story was absolutely heartbreaking, emotional, and just amazing! It was far from what I was expecting it to be, it was so much more!

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